Despite more than a century of collective knowledge, there is yet to be a consensus formed on the development of pitching prospects. Each club must make important decisions about their prospects' development that could affect how successful they will ultimately be in the future. Any pitching prospect could turn out to be a future Ace but more likely, they'll become another burn out or injury victim and teams each have their own philosophy when it comes to the development of pitchers. Each team must decide based on their prospect's own individual tools and skills where they will begin their professional careers and at what level of competition, their workload per year/outing/inning, their repertoire and pitch selection and how aggressively they will be promoted between levels among many more decisions. Looking at the way the Blue Jays under general manager Alex Anthopoulos have handled their pitching prospects of a certain age/scouting report/profile/repertoire/stage of their development gives us an idea of where each prospect will be assigned in the coming year and a rough estimate of their career's trajectory. Blue Jays Unwritten Rules of Pitcher Development: The following is a non-exhaustive list of loosely-followed rules/strategies that seem to guide the Blue Jays' treatment of their young pitching prospects. Like all good rules, they are meant to be broken but are still valuable for predicting the development paths of the Blue Jays' current crop of pitching prospects.