Dwight Howard has a chance to rewrite the script.

The eight-time All-Star is reportedly back with the Los Angeles Lakers, six years after his last game in purple and gold.

Howard's arrival is a stark contrast from his first stint in L.A. He entered the 2012-13 campaign as one of the most dominant players in the league, having led the Association in rebounding in four of the previous five seasons and receiving four consecutive NBA All-Defensive first-team honors.

Now, the 33-year-old returns to Hollywood coming off a nine-game 2018-19 campaign with questions about his health and attitude.

But Howard will have every chance to redeem himself in Los Angeles. He's lost 25 pounds and has seemingly been humbled by his fall from grace.

Yet beyond that, there are other reasons to be optimistic about Howard's second go-around with the Lakers.

Elite rebounder

While the former first overall pick's play has declined in recent years, his rebounding remains elite. Howard averaged 9.2 rebounds in just 25.6 minutes per game last season and 13 boards per 36 minutes. Those numbers are similar to Howard's rebounding stats on each of the five occasions he topped the league in the category.