Another day came and went Thursday without any explicit answers to the most potentially damning questions that face the Warriors. Shooting guard Monta Ellis, who was sued Wednesday for alleged sexual harassment, left practice as the media entered because of what the Warriors called a bruised right shoulder. Point guard Stephen Curry, who rolled his surgically repaired right ankle Tuesday night, didn't know if he'd be ready to play in the season opener Christmas Night. Head coach Mark Jackson didn't offer specifics for how the Warriors would deal with the hard times, offering only a promise that they would. "I truly feel like we're going to handle it and we're going to respond," Jackson said. "This is a different team and a different time. If you would have asked me that a year ago, I might have answered it a different way. But I truly believe in these guys, and we've put a lot of work in to put ourselves in position. "Everybody faces adversity. The committed teams, the great teams, the teams with great leadership respond to it, handle it and make the proper adjustments."