Andy Reid is a master of the news conference, which is what happens when a smart man has been doing the same thing three times a week for 19 years. The Chiefs’ coach is actually hilarious and brilliant, but in front of a microphone he turns all of that off like a spigot. The only goal to say as little and express as little as possible. There are times you get the feeling he could be asked why he loves his wife of more than 45 years and he’d say, “Listen, she’s a good woman, and that’s how we roll.” But there are also moments his learned verbal stinginess doubles as the truth, or at least the base version of the truth, and that happened this week when Reid was asked why his defense gave up more yards to the Raiders than any game since the horrifying playoff loss in Indianapolis after the 2013 season. “We all have a piece of it,” Reid said. “That’s how we feel about it.” That’s certainly one honest way to put it. The rest of this column is, hopefully, a more nuanced and thorough way to put the struggles of the Chiefs’ defense into context. Bob Sutton, the defensive coordinator, is taking much of the heat from fans. But the fairest and most productive way to look at the problem is to recognize a partnership between Sutton and the players that just isn’t working.