Vikings rookie Cordarrelle Patterson had a brilliant season returning kickoffs. Patterson led the league with 1,342 kickoff return yards (only Devin Hester was even within 400 yards of Patterson’s total). Patterson led the league with 33.5 yards per return. Patterson was the only kickoff returner with multiple touchdown returns this season, and one of those touchdowns was an NFL-record 109 yards. Patterson had 10 returns of 40 or more yards (no one else in the NFL had more than five). Patterson was the best kickoff returner in the NFL by a huge margin. So surely, he must be a Pro Bowl return man, right? Wrong. This year the NFL has eliminated kickoffs in the Pro Bowl. As a result, the NFL has also eliminated the position of kickoff returner from Pro Bowl consideration. There are still Pro Bowl punt returners (Pittsburgh’s Antonio Brown and Kansas City’s Dexter McCluster), but Patterson doesn’t return punts, so he wasn’t eligible for Pro Bowl consideration.