Hello, out there by the hedges. Yes, you. Above Harry Heilmann's name in right-center where a home run had never been hit at Comerica Park until Prince Fielder belted the first of his two on Friday night in the Tigers' 5-3 victory over the Baltimore Orioles. You never thought you'd need a net to snag a ball a mile from home plate, did you? Or what seemed like a mile instead of the 462 feet it was announced as being. "I don't know that I've ever heard a ball hit harder," manager Jim Leyland said. "Pow." And that just tied the game. What put the Tigers in front for good in the eighth was Fielder's second home run, which didn't resemble the one he hit in the sixth — except for the fact it came with Miguel Cabrera on base. Fielder's first home run was a "2-iron," Leyland said. The second home run was more like a "wedge, but a long wedge." The Orioles, however, thought the wedge might go foul. Pitcher J.C. Romero tried to coax it into going the other way. But after hugging the line, Fielder's second home run of the night and 22nd of the season, had plenty of room to spare. All it took after that was for Jose Valverde to close out the game for this 23rd save, which he did after allowing a leadoff double. Big night for Fielder, though: Two home runs on the eighth birthday of his son, Jadyn.