This is how Prince Fielder prefers to be a newsmaker. By hitting an important home run. By getting handshakes from his teammates in the dugout. By contributing to a 4-1 homecoming victory against a team trying to be a factor in the American League Central. The Tigers’ five-game series against the Kansas City Royals began Thursday night at Comerica Park with Anibal Sanchez doing what he needed to on the mound with Andy Dirks getting four hits as a one-night-only leadoff hitter — and with Prince going boom in the first. It’s not been an easy week for Fielder. His personal life specifically his pending divorce has gotten attention as a possible reason he’s been struggling at the plate. Since June 18 when he was hitting .292 Fielder had hit .224 with five home runs in 205 at-bats. Divorce papers were filed on May 28. It’s not like Fielder who has averaged 35 home runs for every 162 games of his career to hit just five home runs in 205 at-bats. Not like him at all. But it is like him to keep looking for answers and not get bogged down in the moment. That’s how he’s had more ups than downs in his career. Responding to the personal magnifying glass he suddenly was under Fielder hit a two-run home run in the first inning after the Royals had scored a run in the top of the first. The home run was not the reason the Royals weren’t heard from offensively the rest of the game of course. Sanchez (11-7) was the biggest factor in that regard exiting in the eighth without allowing another run. But it was Fielder who gave the Tigers the lead for good with his 18th home run. And it was Fielder who might simply have needed to hit a home run. “He hadn’t one in a while” said Torii Hunter “so he was going to feel good regardless. But Prince is fine man. He’s a strong individual who knows he’s going to get through it.” Fielder had hit one home run in his last 29 games — one from a player whose powerful swing is built for reaching the seats for clearing the wall the fence or whatever other barriers are in his way.