From the moment Bills fans took their seats to watch the first day of practice, it was obvious who they were there to see: Sammy Watkins. Chants, banners and T-shirts were aplenty as the rookie wide receiver, taken fourth overall in this year’s draft, took to the field with the rest of his team and started going through the paces. One would think this kind of attention would throw the 21-year old Floridian off, but for Watkins that wasn’t the case. “With our offense, we’ve got a lot of explosive guys so, for me, it’s just about coming in right away and trying to make plays,” said Watkins after his first official practice. “Don’t try and be Superman, but play my role and everything will work out.” But if one were to hear the crowd when Watkins caught a pass, it would seem as if Superman himself had flown into Bills camp and effortlessly caught the ball. The player catching the ball was Watkins, however, and the gush from the fans was readily accepted. “It means a lot,” said Watkins of the fan support. “That’s what moved me and it’s great to hear the fans calling my name out and being active while we’re practicing.”