Football behind closed doors sounds simple: Get the teams in, keep the fans out and limit the other attendees to those people who simply have to be there. But with the sporting world as a whole facing the reality of returning to action without spectators -- once coronavirus lockdown measures are sufficiently relaxed -- even playing in empty stadiums will be a complex issue.

In England, While a resumption date for the Premier League has not been mooted, the Football League is planning to return on June 6, which would be 12 weeks after football in the country was suspended. If, as has been suggested, the aim is to finish the season within 56 days of that date, we are talking about 541 games across the top five tiers -- including the National League -- of the English pyramid.

There is no expectation within the game that supporters will be allowed inside stadiums to watch their team play, but even though the stands will be empty, a professional football match requires people to do certain jobs and fulfill key roles. Up to 200, in fact.