The Nashville Predators adjusted the way tickets for games against the Chicago Blackhawks are purchased next season in order to limit the number of Chicago fans in Bridgestone Arena. Some have labeled the effort: "Keep the red out." The Predators recently announced they will not sell single-game tickets to their three home games (Nov. 16 Dec. 17 and April 12) against the Stanley Cup champions. To attend those games fans will have to purchase tickets to a second game as well. "Our objective is to give our team the best home-ice advantage each and every game" said Gerry Helper Predators vice president of hockey communications and public relations by phone Wednesday. "Our ticket plans benefit and appreciate our ticket holders by giving them the best possible pricing sales and availability so they can have the chance to purchase these tickets before anyone else whether they're from Nashville Chicago or Timbuktu." Helper said the plan didn't have a specific name but "Keep the Red Out" has created some traction following an interview Predators president and CEO Sean Henry recently did with about the ticket initiative. "The best way to buy a Blackhawk ticket is to have a season ticket a half-season ticket or a 15-game plan" Henry told the website. "But we also realize that we're still going to have to sell 3000-4000 single tickets for that game. What it's going to do by forcing another game is we'll almost direct it toward people that live in the general area for the most part. And [for the pre-sale] only those in the zip codes that we unlock can buy the Blackhawk game and a second game. So we're breaking down every barrier we can to keep the red out.