It’s not like defensemen Seth Jones and Michael Del Zotto have been going out to extra dinners of late in order to build chemistry. In fact, their experience of trying to find a connection has come via one way and one way only: playing together — especially because the Predators have had only one practice since they acquired Del Zotto from the Rangers one week ago. “The more games you play the more experience you gain with each other,” Jones said. “Trust isn’t an issue. I trust him that he’s going to make the right play, and I’m sure he trusts me as well on the ice, so we’re using each other a lot. “We’re both pretty offensive. When I look over and see him going, it’s perfectly fine with me. He’s doing great so far.” Nashville made the trade for the 23-year-old Del Zotto with Jones in mind. Del Zotto plays the left side, while the 19-year-old Jones plays the right side. It’s a marriage the Predators envision lasting for many years. “We’re just trying to get them to talk,” coach Barry Trotz said. “They’re both guys who compete really hard, and they can do some things offensively. As long as they’re not both (jumping into the play) at the same time, I’m pretty happy about that.” Del Zotto brings a flair and style that the Predators haven’t seen on the blueline in years. He is savvy and creative enough to make offensive plays, but he’s also quick enough to zip back into the defensive zone.