The San Francisco Giants need to bolster their bullpen. The Giants know it. Every other team knows it. Your second cousin who's wrapped up in the election and doesn't really follow baseball knows it. Luckily for San Francisco, there are a handful of elite closers available in an otherwise-tepid free-agent pool. The Giants, conventional wisdom suggests, will make a strong push to sign Aroldis Chapman, Kenley Jansen or Mark Melancon. Here's a thought: What if they signed two of them? No, it won't be cheap. Chapman is seeking a deal in the $100 million range, per Patrick Mooney of CSN Chicago. He probably won't get it, but it gives you a sense of where negotiations will begin. Is it worth it for San Francisco, or any team, to blow most of its offseason capital on a couple of relievers? Yes, if they are the right relievers.