Here’s an idea for an enterprising Boston hockey telecast: Get video at Bruins practices of some of the drills the team does, the repetitive patterns the players run on the ice, re-creating the same positioning and puck movement over and over until they become second nature. Then go through game footage and find crystal-clear examples of those patterns being run against live opponents — showing how the things the B’s do in practice are applied directly during games. It’s doubtful there’s another team in the NHL that places more value on practice, and a perfect example of that importance was revealed the last two days — as Friday’s practice at Ristuccia Arena had a direct bearing on the B’s solid 3-0 win against the Philadelphia Flyers at the Garden yesterday. “I don’t know if I can say (the Bruins are) back on track until I see it on a consistent basis, but (yesterday) was probably the first day I felt much better about our play without the puck in the defensive zone,” B’s coach Claude Julien said. “We didn’t give them much.”