This could be a rough landing. That’s it, that is our entire summation of the Yankees after spending a week at camp. Thank you for your kind attention to this matter. We hesitate to offer anything more cogent, lest we face expulsion from the One True Church, the one that says your team is always divinely fated to reach October, regardless of who is wearing those dainty pinstriped vestments. This needs to be stated up front, however: As everyone sifts through the strata and substrata of this team’s cataclysmic upheavals (another broken bone…another trip to the pharmacy for A-Rod…a fiscal cliff that they dare not breach…more miles on the odometer for the league’s oldest team) they tend to ignore what we can all see on the surface. And here’s what lies on the surface, like a sticker that screams FRAGILE on an egg carton: This team won’t hit. There, we said it. We could have said that the GM shattering his ankle by jumping from an airplane is a good metaphor for the season to come, but discretion prevents it. Just like when Brian Cashman says, “We’re going to take a step backward offensively,” we’ll assume he is just sharing his own gift for understatement. We know how they got here: They had to cut payroll for a spell, and eliminate long-term investments. Really, we get it. It’s just that it’s always strange to see a team reinvent itself on the fly, just as it’s strange to watch a team get stingy after showing $439 million in revenue. But it’s their right to reap their obscene profits and cap their payroll at whatever level they choose. It’s just so uncharacteristic of the Yanks to cap it before they found a starting-quality left fielder, catcher, and DH.