The NBA offseason is approaching full bloom. The draft tips off on Thursday with free agency soon to follow in the coming days. In other words, big names will soon be on the move. Bleacher Report’s Jason Dumas has reported that the Philadelphia 76ers hope to trade All-Star Ben Simmons by the end of draft night. Another star player whose future could also be linked to Thursday night’s festivities is Bradley Beal.

Per Athletic’s Marcus Thompson, the Golden State Warriors have targeted the Washington Wizards standout and have placed him atop their offseason wishlist. One would think that for Golden State to acquire Beal they’d need to muster up a package including the likes of Andrew Wiggins, James Wiseman and the No. 7 overall pick — at the very least. With that said, the San Francisco Chronicle’s Connor Letourneau has noted that the Warriors don’t actually anticipate any movement on the Beal trade front before they go on the clock.

Whether this holds true or not, The Ringer’s Kevin O’Connor doesn’t believe it’ll have much effect on the Warriors, as it’s actually the Boston Celtics who are the team that Wizards fans need to be most concerned about plucking their three-time All-Star out of D.C.

“No, not Golden State. Boston is the team that’s a threat to get Beal, in my opinion,” O’Connor told Chris Vernon on The Mismatch podcast.

“The Wizards need to be careful here. Even though Beal is only 28 years old. Even though he has another year left on his contract. He could become a free agent in 12 months,” O’Connor noted, pointing towards Beal’s player option that kicks in after next season. “If you play this wrong here, that value [is] going to dip. He’s going to gain more leverage in order to go to any team he wants to. Whereas right now there is kind of a window that you can go to anybody. You can take the best offer right now. And it just so happens that the teams that would or could make the best offers are probably the teams he might be happy to go to.”