The Iginla Era is over. The home winning streak is now history, too. Heading into Friday's 6-4 loss to the Columbus Blue Jackets, the Calgary Flames had won eight consecutive contests on Saddledome ice. Then again, they just traded their face-of-the-franchise and all-time scoring leader Jarome Iginla to the Pittsburgh Penguins, and neither the players nor fans seemed to be able to muster much emotion early in Friday's battle between a team that seems stuck in an eternal rebuild and one that seems to be finally ready to embrace one. In fact, some of the loudest cheers came during a first-period TV timeout, with a video tribute to Iginla bringing the fans out of their seats for a standing ovation. "To be quite honest, you tell me if the place was rocking before the game today. It was pretty dead out there," said Matt Stajan, one of few Flames to serve as team spokesperson after another disappointing loss, a role Iginla has played so many times over the years. "And that's something we have to do as a team -- create energy in this building, because it was quiet and it's on us to get the crowd into it. We took a while to get going.