The most amusing thing about Buster Posey's commercial for the new PlayStation MLB '13 video game isn't that Posey delivers his lines perfectly. Though that's a rare accomplishment for any professional athlete, you can assume that Posey will go into all ventures fully prepared. No, the most amusing thing is that Posey tells the interviewer - who thinks the Giants lost the World Series on the basis of a PlayStation outcome - "it's a video game, you moron," before storming off the set. "It's kind of the antithesis of the way he actually is," said team President Larry Baer. Posey enjoyed delivering his rude line. "It was kind of good to do something a little out of character," he said. Though Posey doesn't suffer fools - media and otherwise - gladly, he's not one to storm out of an interview. Or call someone a moron in public. Or do anything that might reflect badly on himself or, consequently, on the Giants.