What can one Most Valuable Player learn from another? Plenty, according to Buster Posey, who said Sunday that he looks forward to picking Barry Bonds' brain when the seven-time MVP arrives as a guest instructor next month. "I'm excited just to listen, for sure," Posey said. "From talking to people that either coached him or played with him, everybody said he had a very straightforward, simple approach. To me, that's a huge part of hitting, trying to keep things as simple as possible." Posey, the sixth and most recent MVP to don a San Francisco uniform, might talk mechanics with Bonds, but more likely will ask about his approach, or even hitting drills that helped Bonds. Brandon Belt probably could benefit more from Bonds' instruction, being a left-handed power hitter. Belt said he hopes to learn "tons of stuff. It's one of those things where he comes in and you try to pick his brain as much as possible. It seems like he did everything right. When you talk to hitting coaches around here, they point to him as the specimen to follow." Pagan sore: Angel Pagan sat out Sunday's workout after his back tightened during a morning meeting in the clubhouse. He spent the day getting treatment and said he expects to be on the field Monday. "I could have been out there today," he said. "You have to be smart. You want to miss a day. You don't want to miss a week."