Buster Posey's free video game is available for your iPhone, and here's a quick review: "Buster Bash" is mildly addicting. The first level, set in Buster's boyhood backyard in Leesburg, Ga., is easy. After that, you need to use accumulated "sunflower seeds" to equip yourself with better bats, gloves, etc. to compete at higher levels. Or you need to be better at video games than I am, apparently (Seeds can be compiled through playing the game, or by signing up for a credit card, or by watching commercials, or, if it's more convenient for you, the game developer is also kind enough to accept cold, hard cash. America! What a country.) Aubrey Huff and Brandon Crawford were playing the game nonstop in the clubhouse Tuesday, taking virtual batting practice before the real-world kind. Judging from the displeased faces they made at their iPads, I'm pretty sure they did better taking actual swings.