Two days after Carmelo Anthony’s observation the Knicks are having more fun this season with a different system, Kristaps Porzingis said one key is head coach Jeff Hornacek is brimming with confidence because he’s running his own offense. Porzingis, who missed his second straight game Monday against the Hornets, wasn’t needed against Oklahoma City in Anthony’s return as his teammates zipped the ball around in their new, free-flowing offense. No, the Knicks haven’t missed either Anthony or Phil Jackson’s triangle. The Knicks star all but said Hornacek was forced into running sets last season he preferred not to run. Porzingis’ remarks shed light on part of why he blew off his exit meeting last April — the disconnect between management and the coaches. “He just has more freedom,’’ Porzingis said during Monday’s morning shoot-around. “He’s running the stuff he wants to run. He’s more comfortable and balanced. You also feel that confidence from [the coaching staff] in what they’re doing. Players always feel that. There’s a difference between last year, definitely.” Asked how Hornacek is exuding this confidence, Porzingis said: “The way from Day 1 they introduce us to the offense and things we are going to run. You can tell right away that’s the stuff they wanted to do and that’s what [Hornacek] believes in. As players, we feel that right away. He was maybe forced to run a little bit of that and do this and do that. You can tell as a player. You feel that. “When things aren’t going well, it’s like, ‘Why are we doing this?’ When you believe in something, when things aren’t going well, you keep doing it and soon it will work out.” Hornacek began last season running an offense with “triangle aspects’’ that combined his style with Jackson’s. In February, when the team crashed, Jackson had Hornacek go with a full-blown triangle. Last season’s team also started 16-13 before a 15-38 finish.