There’s only one real question now: Can Bobby Portis and Nikola Mirotic ever play together again? During a practice last Tuesday at which no media members were allowed, Bulls power forward Portis punched fellow power forward Mirotic in the face after some type of confrontation. Mirotic suffered a concussion and broken bones in his face and possibly will have surgery to repair the facial damage once he fully recovers from the effects of the blow to his brain. He hasn’t been back to practice or spoken with teammates since the trauma. This is how the real world of punches works. It’s not the phony-baloney movie stuff where two guys trade haymakers to the face and the hero walks away with a little blood trickling from the corner of his lip. Big men can kill each other with one punch. I’ll refer you to the Kermit Washington/Rudy Tomjanovich mayhem of 40 years ago, if you want details. During a brawl in a game on Dec. 9, 1977, Washington hit a running Rudy??T so hard that the posterior portion of Tomjanovich’s face was knocked far out of alignment. His skull was fractured, and bitter spinal fluid leaked into his mouth. He was in the hospital for two weeks and would need five surgeries to reconstruct his face. He easily could have died.