Earlier this month, we here at SB Nation each wrote the one thing we couldn’t bear to see happen during the 2019 NFL Draft. My personal worst case scenario was Josh Rosen getting traded to the Miami Dolphins.

I don’t have a vendetta against the Dolphins or anything, it just really feels like Rosen deserves better. He was beaten to a pulp during an awful rookie season with the Cardinals. Miami has an even worse roster.

Arizona’s offensive line was ranked as the 31st best on Pro Football Focus for the 2018 season, Miami’s was 32nd.

But alas, here we are:

It’s a logical move for the Cardinals, who probably wish they could’ve got more for a player they took in the top 10 last year, but are better off wiping their hands clean and moving forward with Kyler Murray and nobody else.

It also makes sense for the Dolphins, who get a relatively cheap swing at a player who’s still just 22, was a top draft prospect a year ago, and showed more promise in 2018 than he’s given credit for.

Rosen is pretty happy about it too.