Italian prosecutors have revealed they have opened an investigation into the possibility Davide Astori's sudden death was linked to manslaughter. It was originally reported that Fiorentina captain Astori had died from natural causes on Sunday however criminal proceedings have now begun. The 31-year-old was found dead in his hotel room in Udine on Sunday, hours before his team were due to face Udinese in a Serie A fixture. The chief prosecutor in Udine, Antonio De Nicolo, said on Monday that a culpable homicide case — which in Britain is known as manslaughter — would be opened, but that it was a formality at this stage and that 'no one has a responsibility for anything'. He added in quotes published by Italian news agency ANSA: 'An inquiry has been opened for culpable homicide against persons unknown. 'It is a duty to ascertain if the death of Astori came about through tragic fatality or if someone could have foreseen something. 'At this moment no one has responsibility for anything which would seem to us to amount to something.