Aaron Hernandez is in jail on a charge of murder, moving jail cells and undergoing the standard legal processes involved in being held in prison without bail. One of those apparently includes undergoing an assessment for gang affiliations. And Hernandez is free of those, or at least claims to be. Bristol County (Mass.) Sheriff Thomas Hodgson told the Herald News of Fall River (Mass.) that the prison's Gang Intelligence Unit completed its assessment of Hernandez, and the former NFL star claims he has no gang affiliations. However, Hodgson also said the prison will "maintain caution" with Hernandez as they're not completely assured he's free of affiliations. “We feel we should still maintain caution even though we don't have any definitive notions at this point,” Hodgson said. Hodgson added that Hernandez was "acclimating very well" and appeared calm within the prison walls.