If TCU faced Alabama 100 times, the Crimson Tide would win the lion’s share of the meetings.

That’s what happens when the nation’s most talented team by a wide margin, according to the 247Sports Talent Composite ratings, faces college football’s 32nd most talented team.

Oh, and the Crimson Tide’s leader is only the best head coach to ever do it: Nick Saban. And their quarterback is the reigning Heisman Trophy winner.

If Georgia coach Kirby Smart or Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, under the influence of highly potent truth serum, had to choose whether to face Alabama or TCU, both would choose TCU 99 1/2 times out of 100. That half is only to account for the possibility of mishearing the question.

Vegas oddsmakers? Saban was right when, during his politicking media tour late Saturday night to plead his team’s case, he pointed out that the Crimson Tide would be favored, perhaps heavily, over a TCU team that was more likely to make the field. (Hint: It did.)

Alabama is among the sport’s biggest brands in its most respected conference versus a TCU program that rejoined the ranks of major conference members only a decade ago and has a shade more than 10,000 undergraduate students as one of the smallest schools in the Power 5.

The College Football Playoff committee is ranking teams, but it is also casting a television show that seeks to make money. Including big brands is good for business.