With Major League Baseball's Aug. 2 trade deadline now barely more than a month away, it's time to wildly overthink whatever rumors come out of the ether.

In this case, we're going to have some fun with the latest on Cincinnati Reds ace Luis Castillo and Oakland Athletics ace Frankie Montas.

As reported by Peter Gammons of The Athletic on Saturday, New York Yankees general manager Brian Cashman is "going to make a run" at Castillo and Montas. But they could have company in that pursuit, as Gammons also tabbed the Los Angeles Dodgers, Toronto Blue Jays, Chicago White Sox, New York Mets, Houston Astros and San Francisco Giants as potential suitors for the two right-handers.

If we're going to determine how Castillo and Montas fit these seven suitors, we must first answer the question of which of them is the more desirable pitcher.

Spoiler alert: This is a trick question.


How Castillo and Montas Stack Up

Age, Controllability and Salary

To begin, Castillo and Montas are in the same place in their arbitration timelines. Both are in their second years of eligibility and slated for free agency after 2023.

The differences in their ages and salaries, meanwhile, are there but slight. Castillo is 29 years, 199 days old and Montas is 29 years, 100 days old. The former is earning $7.4 million, compared to $5.0 million for the latter.

Though these elements lean in Montas' favor, it's close enough to effectively be a push.



Montas and the A's recently got a scare when the righty took a line drive off his pitching hand on May 21, but the incident didn't necessitate a stay on the injured list.

Such has been the theme of Montas' career, as he's yet to log even one stint on the IL. The only significant time he's missed was for an 80-game suspension for performance-enhancing drugs that lasted from June 21 to Sept. 24 of 2019. Though that sidetracked his career, it's hardly derailed it.