The 2020 NFL trade deadline is quickly approaching. It promises to be more active than in previous seasons with two additional teams slated to make the playoffs this coming January.

Even if some of these players remain with their teams through the Nov. 3 deadline, there’s a good chance that they will ultimately be subjected to trade rumors once the 2021 NFL offseason comes calling.

From a former Super Bowl MVP in Mile High to a star wide receiver in Ohio, here’s a look at eight NFL stars who will be wearing news uniforms in 2021 via a trade.

Von Miller trade makes sense for the Denver Broncos

It’s almost a foregone conclusion that Miller has played his final game with the Broncos. As far as NFL trades go, we fully expect Denver to kick the tires on this possibility after the former Super Bowl MVP suffered a serious ankle injury during training camp. In fact, there were rumors of a potential Von Miller trade leading up to the start of the 2020 NFL season.

Miller, 31, is set to count $22.23 million against the cap next season. He registered a seven-year low eight sacks in 2019. With Bradley Chubb as the future face of the Broncos’ defense, it just makes too much sense for this team to trade Miller. Among those potentially interested, the New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles would seem like reasonable fits.