At the start of any NBA season, there’s generally a long list of players who can’t be traded. Most of those players signed new contracts during the offseason and subsequently don’t become trade-eligible until at least December 15. Offseason signees who meet certain criteria don’t have their trade restrictions lift until January 15. Now that both of those dates are behind us, the list of players who are still ineligible to be traded has shrunk considerably. However, there are still several guys around the NBA who won’t have to worry about hearing their names pop up in trade rumors this week, since they can’t be dealt. Here’s a breakdown of the players who aren’t eligible to be traded at this Thursday’s deadline: Designated Veteran Extension recipients: Stephen Curry (Warriors) James Harden (Rockets) John Wall (Wizards) Russell Westbrook (Thunder) The Designated Veteran Extension, a super-max deal introduced in the NBA’s new Collective Bargaining Agreement, made its debut during the 2017/18 league year, and the four players listed above were the first stars to receive the new form of extension.