Before the season, Jets’ acting owner Christopher Johnson said that he would judge coach Todd Bowles on progress, not on wins and losses. Well, the Jets have been far more competitive this season than they were a year ago. And, with two games to go, they already have matched their 2016 win total (five). But Bowles wouldn’t say Thursday if he felt he’d done enough to show ownership he deserves to stick around for another year. “I’m not going to talk about my job,” Bowles said. Bowles was supposed to be on the hot seat this season, but it never really heated up. The Jets won three of their first five games, and though they’ve lost seven of the last nine, the team has been competitive in nearly every game — something few believed would be possible. But Bowles has been far from perfect. His clock management late in halves and games has been suspect, the Jets’ offense has been woefully inconsistent, and the team has an alarming knack for melting down in the fourth quarter. The Jets could decide to bring in a new voice to lead their young core. But Bowles said he doesn’t think about that.