ESPN reported Sunday that commissioner Roger Goodell had asked for a salary of $49.5 million a year, lifetime use of a private jet and lifetime health insurance for his family in negotiations for a contract extension. Here’s how NFL players are reacting to Goodell’s reported demands: Oakland Raiders MLB NaVorro Bowman "None of the players receive any of those type of compensations, and if a guy that’s not suiting up can demand those type of things, then I feel like the players should be able to demand those type of things and make as much money as a guy that’s not playing in the NFL. "Those things really bother me because this business wouldn’t operate without the players. I’ve been in this league for eight years and the only coach that I really seen understand that and abide by that has been Jim Harbaugh, when it comes to putting the players first. "In regards to [Goodell’s] contract, I just don’t think that’s respectable, in regards to the players, and just a slap in the face just due to the job that we have. It just, it doesn’t make sense, just because he’s the commissioner that he gets to make that much money and it be guaranteed. No player in this league has that opportunity and I feel like we should." Pittsburgh Steelers G Ramon Foster, team player representative "He wants guaranteed contracts. Think about the players and theirs also. He wants lifetime medical. Think about the players and theirs also. The jet, he can have that one. I couldn’t care less. I can fly Southwest or Delta. "Think about how hard the negotiation is. That’s my best thing for him. Taste that, I guess. Now that the rabbit’s got the gun, he’s the rabbit and the owners have the gun. "I saw somebody said he probably shouldn’t make no higher than the highest-paid player. I think that’s pretty fair. I know owners can just tip him a half-a-million apiece and it’d still be frickin’ amazing. But he’s running a business, he’s a CEO, he’s making them millions, billions of dollars. So he can kind of access that salary, whether they pay him that salary or they pay him in bonuses." New England Patriots QB Tom Brady "Whatever he makes, I don’t care. It’s up to the owners to decide." -- Brady to Westwood One Detroit Lions S Glover Quin "Lifetime health insurance? And you don’t even play and we play and we can’t even get lifetime health insurance? Come on, man. "If I’m him, I’m obviously trying to get everything I can get. If I’m on the other side, I got to side with Jerry Jones and we got to put this on halt. "Definitely is a lot of money. Fifty-million bucks. Jeez. Maybe I need to go be commissioner.