New Orleans Saints Coach Sean Payton may pursue a full-blown advertising campaign to let everyone and anyone understand how his return to the Saints won't be the magic elixir to 2012's upset stomach. His internal campaign begins Monday as he will hold his first full-team meeting since being barred from the team for about nine months thanks to his suspension in connection to the bounty scandal as Monday marks the start of the team's offseason workout program. It's also the day Payton presses the rewind button for the players as he will treat this offseason as if it was his first in New Orleans in 2006. Veteran wide receiver Lance Moore experienced Camp Payton during Payton's first offseason when Moore was a practice squad holdover from Jim Haslett's tenure. Moore used the words "focused" and "extremely intense" when describing what he anticipates Payton's demeanor will be as the players return to the practice facility. Defensive end Cam Jordan wasn't around for the beginning stages of Payton's tenure several years ago. What type of Payton does he expect? "Honestly, I have no idea what to expect," Jordan said. "That's something I'll have to talk to Lance or Will (Smith) about since they definitely saw how Payton came in and how much he changed things. I know what flew last year is not going to fly this year. Honestly, that's the way I want to hear it."