NFL teams will have little or no offseason workouts in 2020. Which means that players will be working out on their own. Which means that some players won’t be content to, for example, grind away at a home gym.

Players will want to get onto a football field, and they will want to work out with new or existing teammates.

It happened on Wednesday in Florida, possibly after Governor Ron DeSantis (finally) imposed a stay at home order effective as of Thursday. There were Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson, Ravens receiver Hollywood Brown, and free-agent receiver Antonio Brown, running routes and catching passes and otherwise ignoring critical social-distancing guidelines aimed at limiting the spread of coronavirus to those whom it could make extremely ill or kill.

And there were Jackson and Hollywood and Antonio, in a photo posted on Hollywood’s Twitter account, which shows the trio far closer together than they should be.

Get ready for more of this. Players like Tom Brady will want to work out on a football field with new teammates like Mike Evans, Chris Godwin, Cameron Brate, and/or O.J. Howard. And once word gets out that players from one team is doing it, players from other teams will be doing it.