The Giants are planning to replace the marker commemorating Barry Bonds' record-breaking 756th home run that recently disappeared from its spot on the right-center-field wall at AT&T Park. A San Francisco Chronicle report said that team and ballpark officials plan to scrutinize security video spanning a weeklong period in hopes of finding clues about the apparent theft. Except for scattered photographs and signs in a right-center field archway denoting the Giants who exceeded 500 career home runs, there's relatively little evidence at the ballpark showing that Bonds, baseball's all-time home run leader with 762, ever played in San Francisco. His jersey number 25 has not been officially retired, though no player has worn it since he played his final game in 2007. Giants officials have said that Bonds' number won't be removed from circulation until he's elected to baseball's Hall of Fame -- which is an issue in itself, given the cloud of performance-enhancing drug use that hovers over him.