Leave it to Sean McIndoe—aka Down Goes Brown—to come up with this gem in Thursday’s column about NHL general managers under the most pressure ahead of this year’s trade deadline: “P.K. Subban and the Predators are in town on Saturday. Sometimes, when you’re a GM under the gun, even the schedule-maker seems to be working against you,” McIndoe wrote about the man he made No. 1 on his list, Montreal Canadiens GM Marc Bergevin. Hammer meet nail. You can just imagine how it might feel for Bergevin to watch Subban and his Nashville teammates come to Montreal and possibly make good on an opportunity to smash the Canadiens further into oblivion. They’ve taken points in 13 of their past 14 games and risen to fourth overall in the standings—and Subban, who played his first six seasons in Montreal, has a chance to set a career high by scoring his 16th goal of the year. Bergevin might as well be at the other end of Subban’s patented bow and arrow celebration if that comes to pass on Saturday. After all, it’s Subban’s trade to Nashville, straight up for defenceman Shea Weber in the summer of 2016, which stands as a clear demarcation point for when Bergevin’s handle on the Canadiens’ roster began to slip. We wouldn’t categorize the move as a catastrophe—Weber has been excellent for the Canadiens, showing virtually no sign of slowing down—but it looked like a losing proposition on Day 1 considering the Canadiens didn’t acquire any futures in the deal to offset the four-year age gap between then-27-year-old Subban and then-31-year-old Weber.