The tug-of-war between perception and reality is one of things that make sports so fascinating. P.K. Subban stands as one of the most interesting examples in the NHL. Subban’s described as a “flashy” player, and it’s unlikely that he really minds the descriptor. The Nashville Predators star relishes the spotlight, and to delight of non-sticks-in-the-mud, Subban tends to have a plan to entertain when the lights are so bright. Still, such a demeanor can make people believe that there’s no steak to go with the sizzle. In Subban’s case, sometimes that means that his defensive strengths go underrated, as the Tennessean’s Adam Vingan reported during All-Star weekend. “I take pride in the defensive part of the game. … That’s what ultimately won me a job in the NHL,” Subban said. “It wasn’t my offense. I take pride in that, and I just hope that continues. I think people would sound pretty foolish if they continued to try to say that I can’t play defensively.” Really, though, it’s that combination of strengths that makes Subban worthy of Norris consideration. After all, as much as he’s turning heads as a shutdown guy, it’s no coincidence that people also can’t help but notice that he’s the Predators’ points leader with 40 points (matching his total from 2016-17, his debut with Nashville), and that he already has 13 goals, two shy of his career-high. And we’re barely in February.