PJ Tucker spent years as the defensive soul of the Houston Rockets, but it wasn’t until he got to Milwaukee, a team where he could simply be a cog in a great defense rather than the heart of it, that he won a championship. Tucker was eased into his role with the Bucks, playing just 20 minutes per night in the regular season, but as the playoffs wore on, Tucker became a bigger and bigger part of the Bucks rotation, averaging 30 minutes in the postseason.

His three-point shooting wasn’t what it was in Houston (just 32.2 percent in these playoffs), but his value was as a defensive pest who, along with Jrue Holiday, allowed Milwaukee to keep Giannis Antetokounmpo as a roving off ball defender without sacrificing on-ball pressure. That partnership worked great and he and Giannis seemed to form a quick bond en route to a title. As Tucker entered free agency, he was sure to hear overtures from most every contender as his defense is something every team wants to have on their bench.