P.J. Tucker and the Phoenix Suns released statements in the wake of the forward’s May 10 DUI arrest in Scottsdale. According to documents provided by the team on Monday, Tucker pleaded guilty to super extreme DUI at a disposition hearing at Scottsdale City Court and will spend three days in jail in addition to other penalties. Tucker was charged on four counts — three were varying levels of DUIs and the other was a traffic violation for running a stop sign. He faced a severe penalty of 45 days in jail for blowing a .201 and registering a .222 blood alcohol level, which is nearly three times the legal limit. In addition to his jail time, Tucker will face 11 days house arrest, though he will be able to leave for work for no more than 12 hours per day. He will submit to substance abuse screening and counseling, and could face probation for up to five years. Tucker will also have an interlock device installed on his vehicle and have to pay several fines. Tucker, through the team, released a statement regarding his arrest.