As far as inspired designs go, benching your All-Star center in three of the past four fourth quarters is one part Edsel, one part New Coke, one part “Gigli.” And Nets interim coach P.J. Carlesimo is acutely aware of that in his recent handling of Brook Lopez. “It’s probably something that I don’t want to do in the future,” Carlesimo said yesterday after the Nets practiced for tonight’s game in New Orleans against the Hornets of today — or the Pelicans of tomorrow. Carlesimo admitted the move is “not a good practice.” He said the latest decision to leave Lopez on the bench, in Sunday’s 76-72 loss to Memphis, was more game-flow and circumstance than a lack of faith in his All-Star. Andray Blatche was going well and then it got to where Lopez had sat for an extended time. So Carlesimo stayed with Blatche and other reserves whose play forged a lead. But the lead evaporated — then the game. Second guessing became the rage. Carlesimo, acknowledging he “created the situation and it’s not a good situation,” has one major point on his side: Lopez is an all-in, team-first guy.