Plenty of the pre-draft discussion around Pittsburgh quarterback Kenny Pickett, a potential first-round pick and a consensus top-two passer in the 2022 class, has centered on the signal-caller's hand size. Each year, QB prospects have their hands measured, and 9-inch measurements are generally considered adequate for the NFL, per Pickett, however, logged just an 8.5-inch measurement at the scouting combine Thursday, putting him in historic company ahead of April's draft.

Of the 663 QB prospects who've had their hands measured since 1987, according to NFL analyst Warren Sharp, only nine had smaller hands than Pickett. Not a single QB with hands smaller than 8.5 inches has entered the NFL in the last five years, Sharp added, pointing to former Falcons and Eagles starter Michael Vick, who played from 2001-15, as the last example of a successful NFL QB with 8.5-inch hands.