Armed with a Pitch F/X database, I recently took a basic look at potential park effects for pitch data from the 2012 season. The study was admittedly crude, as a number of factors would or could have played a part in contributing to the observed deltas from stadium to stadium. Among those mentioned in the article were frequency of use for each pitch type. After all, if for example curveballs are thrown more often in a particular ballpark than most others, the average movement (and velocity and release point) calculated for that park would be affected. Wondering whether there would be any pattern to frequency of certain pitch types in certain types of stadiums, I set out to use the same method as before to look at deltas between home and away usage of each pitch type. Again, I was looking at all pitches that both teams threw for all home games for a given team, and subtracting the total number of pitches that both teams threw for all away games for that same team.