Their point differential is -17 points per game over that time. They're giving up 104.5 points per game. It's been bad. They've even received several strong performances from Greg Monroe, Jose Calderon, and Brandon Knight over this stretch. What that indicates is just how bad the rest of the team has been. But there's a little hope. Detroit Pistons: 23-39 (15-18 home) New York Knicks: 35-21 (14-12 road) Detroit Pistons tickets The Situation: What if I told you that the Pistons had five games over 100 points since February. How many games would you predict that the Knicks had over that mark? 15? 12? 10? Nosiree friends, not by a long shot. The New York Knicks have only had three games over 100 points since February hit. That's all I've got. Obviously, this is going to be a tough one. Carmelo Anthony has cooled off and Amare Stoudemire still hasn't gotten his season off the ground. But the Knicks are immensely more talented and the Pistons have struggled against teams with immense amounts more talent. Keys to the Game: Defense: These two teams have played twice this season, both times the Knicks put up a TS in the high 50s and both times they went into halftime up by double digits. At that point, the second half was just a formality. The Pistons have made a habit of letting games get away from them early in this current slump - they'll really need to slow New York down early tonight.