When you acquire a player of Blake Griffin's caliber, you don't ask him to adjust to your style, you adjust your style to fit his game. That's what Detroit Pistons coach Stan Gundy said his team must do in a hurry, starting tonight in Griffin's debut against the Memphis Grizzlies at Little Caesars Arena (7 p.m., Fox Sports Detroit). That means a change for Andre Drummond, who has been the hub of the team's motion offense. "It'll be a little bit if a change for Andre, but certainly having Blake will help him," Van Gundy said. "I think those guys will play well together and help each other in a lot of ways. "We have played through Andre on virtually every possession all year long and now we'll play through Blake a lot, so Andre will have to adjust a little, but I think the adjustments will be relatively easy and painless and I think he'll enjoy it." Drummond said he knows Griffin well and called him immediately after the trade Monday with the Los Angeles Clippers. "Obviously, Blake is a hell of a player, he's a great passer, too," Drummond said. "I'm looking forward to playing with him." Drummond, Griffin, Stanley Johnson, Reggie Bullock and Ish Smith will start tonight. Van Gundy hasn't decided how he will substitute going forward but said he'd like to stagger minutes so that either Griffin or Drummond is always on the floor.