At this point of the season, Pistons coach Stan Van Gundy almost expects poor defense, so there’s no need in getting into a huff about it. That doesn’t mean that it’s not frustrating, though. Following a scrimmage in Thursday’s only practice, Van Gundy lamented the defensive effort his team displayed in its three quarters of 5-on-5 workouts, keeping in mind it’s still the first week of training camp. “Our defensive intensity is spotty at best; at times we turn up and it looks good, but we’re still in the summertime pick-up mode on defense and we’re turning the ball over a lot,” Van Gundy said. “Those are two things that have to get better.” It’s a familiar refrain early in training camp, with players taking a little longer to lock in to their defensive stances and spend the extra effort to try to stop the ball from getting to the basket. That lack of movement and poor communication have been the biggest issues over the past couple of years, but Van Gundy doesn’t want to start the season with those same bad habits. Aside from the defensive issues, Van Gundy did like the passing and togetherness. That’s a turnaround from last season, when the ball seemed to get stuck more frequently and not make it from one side of the court to the other easily. “I wasn’t happy today with our disposition on defense, but I really do like the way the ball is moving and the way guys are playing together,” he said. “The turnover thing you sort of expect. Early in camp, it’s usually a little sloppy. Some of our veteran guys who have played a lot and are turning it over, so that’s not good. My bigger concern is our defensive disposition on an every-possession basis.