Charlie Villanueva wasn't involved in any transaction for the Pistons this week but just because he's out of sight doesn't mean he's out of the minds of many fans. Despite the bevy of good news and good fortune for the Pistons, with Andre Drummond falling right into their lap, with them moving Ben Gordon's contract and the news that Kyle Singler will sign when the July moratorium is over, fans are still calling for Villanueva's head. The reaction on social media platforms and comment sections of online stories has been nearly overwhelming. Fans want Pistons president of basketball operations Joe Dumars to order the Code Red called the Amnesty Clause and owner Tom Gores to cut Villanueva a very expensive check for the remaining two seasons with some $17 million on his contract. There's a perception that the team can't move forward with Villanueva on the floor, on the bench or in the locker room. It's almost like they believe what Kevin Garnett claimed he said about Villanueva two seasons ago, that he's cancerous to his team. (Villanueva alleged Garnett called him a cancer patient, due to his alopecia.)