It’s been a parade of missed shots in the first two Summer League games for Pistons rookie Kentavious Caldwell-Pope, the one thing everyone was sure he could do coming into the NBA. Whether it’s off the front iron, long or an airball, he’s hit a total of one jump shot so far and went 3-of-10 in the Pistons’ 93-63 loss to the Celtics Monday at Amway Center. From the 30-point spread, it was obvious Caldwell-Pope wasn’t the only player with shooting-eye issues. Kim English and Peyton Siva, the starting backcourt, went 0-for-12 in a combined 40 minutes as the Pistons fell behind 30-9 in the first quarter. For Caldwell-Pope, though, he’s not the least bit concerned about his shot not falling. He hit his first jumper, a corner 3, and got a fast break dunk early but save for a dunk attempt on a Celtics’ big man, that was about it. “It’s not frustrating,” Caldwell-Pope said. “It’s something I’ll have to keep working on. I haven’t been knocking down shots but to keep playing hard on the defensive end and not worrying about my shot.” In Summer League, the play is more physical, the lanes are clogged and the floor is shrunk compared to the regular spacing and officiating of the NBA. Add to it, the rookie could be experiencing some nerves, too. Everybody knows where he’s been drafted and with so many players looking to make a name for themselves or earning a guaranteed contract, Caldwell-Pope is a target, too. “It’s not much space in the league,” Caldwell-Pope said. “Once you get an open shot, take it. Nine times of 10, it’s not gonna be there again.” Most players have trouble adjusting to a longer three-point line, but anyone looking at Caldwell-Pope’s film from his days at Georgia shows the three-point line is only a line--he’ll launch from half-court if he’s open. “It’s not much of an adjustment, (just) a little bit,” he said. “Keep working on extending my range a little bit more and I’ll improve.”