Tom Gores was a staple at the Staples Center before he bought the Pistons, so it was no shock to see him in a courtside seat Sunday night to see his team lose to the Los Angeles Clippers. In a brief meeting with the media, with the youth teams he coaches along with him for the game, Gores made a simple but possibly telling statement about the state of the team. "We've put ourselves in a very good position as a franchise with the goal of winning a championship," he said. Gores expected the Pistons to make tangible, playoff-contending progress, so to say their 23-42 record is a disappointment goes without saying. But he is pleased with the way Pistons president Joe Dumars has constructed the flexibility for the foreseeable future with the recent trade of Tayshaun Prince and before that, shipping Ben Gordon to Charlotte. The Pistons are one of the few franchises with more than $20 million in cap space this summer, around the $25-million mark if the salary cap doesn't rise. Gores likes the position the Pistons are in, as they're able to be active in the trade market and free agency. He said he would be patient with progress and although the record is virtually the same as last year, he feels the flexibility and young pieces they've put together makes it a different ballgame than before — and his patience doesn't seem to be waning with the people he put in charge. He engaged in a long conversation with Pistons rookie Andre Drummond while Drummond was working out, in recovery from his back injury. Gores is enamored with the intriguing seven-footer, as most around the league are. As for Pistons coach Lawrence Frank, Gores said he's exchanged text messages with him as his wife is dealing with a health issue, saying "family first." From The Detroit News: