When you look at the most significant deals made by Danny Ainge in shaping this storied franchise, circumstances, as much as the Celtics mystique, worked in his favor. The Seattle SuperSonics (now Oklahoma City Thunder) were in salary-dump mode in 2007, which allowed the Celtics to pull off a draft-night trade for Ray Allen. Kevin Garnett spent more than a decade in Minnesota before it was clear to him and the Timberwolves that both needed a change. Allen and Garnett became Celtics and the team's league-best 17th NBA title came a few months later. The way things fell into place then, may very well be repeating itself with Detroit's Greg Monroe. The Pistons have been saying the right things all summer, like being prepared for any and all scenarios with Monroe, who they have repeatedly said is their top offseason priority. That in all likelihood may have scared off some teams from putting forth an offer sheet for the restricted free agent. Still, the longer this plays out, the less leverage Detroit has in retaining him long-term.