Will Bynum was knocked over by a linebacker playing small forward with the number 6 on his jersey Thursday night then took the time to lie on his back for a quick second before acknowledging LeBron James’ hand to help him up. It was literally the only time Bynum took a breather in an exhibition game he played against the two-time champions no less. One where he played 46 minutes — 13 more than the next closest participant. His 93 seconds on the bench was probably longer than he wanted but that invisible man behind Bynum seemed to loom more in his head than in reality — no time for rest when there’s opportunity at stake — because even when the games don’t count there’s no such thing as a meaningless outing. Being pressed into extra duty because of Brandon Jennings’ wisdom toothache Rodney Stuckey’s thumb injury Chauncey Billups taking the night off and Peyton Siva’s calf injury would make other seasoned vets cringe but it was yet another chance for Bynum to prove himself capable to a coaching staff and a front office he desperately wants to believe in him. Going undrafted playing overseas and not getting a first guaranteed contract until he reached the age of 26 tends to breed a little edge even if it’s two contracts later. “That (doesn’t) exist” Bynum said in his slight Chicago drawl when asked if there’s ever a point where he doesn’t have something to prove. “In reality it doesn’t.” Bynum’s 28 points six assists and four rebounds won’t be remembered by many considering it wasn’t televised and this is of course the preseason but it left an imprint on his coach. “I didn’t know he could do that” Pistons coach Maurice Cheeks said. “I’ve seen him do certain things before but I didn’t know he could move a scoreboard like that.” When Cheeks was notified Bynum holds the team record for points in a quarter — Bynum scored 26 during a fourth quarter against the Charlotte Bobcats in 2009 when the Pistons were just as desperate to keep hold of a playoff spot as Bynum was to hold a roster spot — he was equally amazed and surprised.