Pistons reserve guard Will Bynum wants to make one thing clear as free agency draws closer: He is more than a scorer. He is willing to do whatever it takes to win. "I can be a playmaker; I can pass (and) I can defend," Bynum said. "It is just about an opportunity. It depends on the amount of minutes I am going to get, when I am coming in. If I got to know I would be more comfortable and play better." Bynum missed six games with a strained right hand before Sunday's 99-85 victory over the Bulls. He finished 2-for-4 for four points in just over 17 minutes. "You kind of play through pain and you compensate," Bynum said. "Maybe not compensate, but you adjust." Bynum could have missed the remainder of the season with the Pistons out of playoff contention, but he said wanted to play. "I came back to play because I like to play," he said. "I love playing with these guys. I wanted to show I cared no matter the circumstances." Bynum is completing his fifth season with the Pistons, averaging 9.2 points and 3.5 assists. "My role is to be ready whenever my name is called," Bynum said. "It is to make the best of my opportunities."