Reactions are pouring in from all over the Internets about the big Rudy Gay trade. Most are complimentary of Memphis for not overvaluing Gay, puzzled by Toronto for locking in so many highly paid, inefficient scorers. But they have comments about the Pistons too! And most of them are good! Following is a reaction from around the web. Sports Illustrated's The Point Forward: Renting Calderon, a talented distributor and shooter whose 19.4 PER ranks No. 8 among point guards, is fine, but not particularly meaningful. Whatever he provides down the stretch is gravy. The Pistons are 5½ games out of the No. 8 seed in the East, and they will likely conclude that maintaining a large role for Knight is the top priority heading into the future. Who knows how well Calderon will adjust to his new digs, but his departure for a playoff team come summertime makes all the sense in the world, given his age and the fact that he hasn't sniffed the postseason since 2008. Calderon's bouncing after the season is no skin off Dumars' back. The Spanish point guard, by virtue of being an expiring deal, will have already served his primary purpose.